Social emotional board game take home activity 



One of my favorite things about integrating play therapy into what I do is that it makes therapy fun. I love when families are able to engage together in session and experience fun meaningful interventions together. One barrier can be getting a family together in one place for the session. We know there are many barriers to families participating together in therapy which is why I have been trying to incorporate interventions that can be taken home and used with the whole family. 

For this board game I just used markers and a file folder. I made the dice out of paper but small wooden cubes would work too. For this game I simply put questions on different spaces (feelings faces or other visuals could be used for younger children).
Get creative though! Make the game with the child/ family and let them help you make up the rules, questions, game strategies, etc. Some questions I used in this example I drew up were, “What’s one safe thing you do with your feelings? When was a time you felt sad? What is your favorite way to calm down? Show a feeling on your face and have the player next to you guess it.” ect.
Give the parent/guardian some prepping about the game if they cannot participate in making and playing it in session. Also, make sure you have spoken enough with them so that they are able to be open and supportive in talking to their child about feelings.
Happy playing!


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