Safe place pillow case project 

The “safe place” or “peaceful pillowcase” project is something I have found helpful for all ages (FYI these pillow pictures are courtesy of my two youngest sisters who made their own for me to use as examples). 🙂 Thank you girls!! 

HOW TO: Simply have the children decorate a pillow case, using fabric markers, with pictures of things that help them feel safe and calm, positive affirmations, positive memories, helpful self talk statements, reminders of coping skills, etc. I explain this pillowcase can be a reminder for the child to feel safe and calm before going to bed at night and first thing when he or she wakes up in the morning. This is also helpful for nightmares and bedtime anxiety, simply have the children draw dreams they want to be having or positive self talk statements to reassure and comfort themselves when waking from a nightmare. 

1) Blank or light solid colored pillowcases. You can often by a double pack of these for a dollar or two at outlet stores such as Ollies. 
2) A large piece of cardboard to put in-between the pillow case while the child is working on it so the ink does not leak through. 
3) Fabric markers: you can use any fabric markers just be aware some require ironing to “set” them in the fabric. I use Sharpie brand fabric markers called Stained since they are easy to use, thin, and require no ironing. 
TIPS: Be sure to ask the child before working on this project if he or she has a pillow at home. Some children do not own pillows or sleep on them so this is helpful to ask first. Also, assure the children to take their time on this project and allow it be worked on for multiple sessions if needed. 
And hey, they could be helpful for us grownups too 😉
 Rest easy tonight my friends! 


  1. I’m thinking about doing this with a group of kids. Before I purchase all the materials, do the pillowcases need to be washed/set after they do their art work? Do you think sharpies would do as good of a job as fabric markers?

    • I have not personally told children and families to wash and set them and haven’t had anyone report any issues. It probably isn’t a bad idea though! 🙂 I use permanent markers too but they tend to bleed much more when drawing on the material. Be careful the type of fabric markers you buy as well because some require ironing to set them.

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