Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten


In 2013, I finished writing and illustrating my first social emotional story, Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten.  This story is intended to help children (approximately aged 3-8) develop the skills of empathy and help the caring adults in their lives learn how to foster the development of empathy in the child.

My books are created to be beneficial for parents, social workers, child counselors, teachers, foster parents, grandparents, and anyone who cares about and spends time with children.  They are both available currently on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online (just type “Kristina Sargent” in the search engine on the sites).

My most recent picture book, Ursula Unwinds Her Anger is another social emotional story intended to help children learn mindfulness and relaxation skills.  It is intended to help children discover inner peace and self acceptance and thus act in peaceful ways. This book is intended to be helpful and accessible for children ages 3-10 and the adults in their lives who care about them.  It introduces a fun way to think about feelings using color and lends itself to endless play and art activities to accompany the story. Wishing you all peaceful and present living. 😉


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