Unwind your anger printable activity

I am excited to release a new activity page to accompany my newest book Ursula Unwinds Her Anger . The book teaches children mindfulness and relaxation skills such as deep breathing and noticing feelings while also letting them go.
This link has two options, a full page Ursula the dragon with the fire for children to write or draw what makes them angry that they would like to breathe out and let go of in their own lives. The other activity page is the same thing just condensed to one page for convenience and paper saving. 😉 This activity can be used without the book but I’d love for you to check out my book if you haven’t already! click here for printable!
1. Color the dragon with your feelings colors! Use the feeling colors from the book or make up your own.
2. Draw or write what makes you angry that you want to let go of on the fire.
3. Cut out the dragon and fire and fold along lines to make them look more 3 dimensional. Tape the fire to the dragon’s mouth and practice taking your own deep breaths to unwind and release your anger!

Happy unwinding to all. 🙂



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