Social emotional learning today for a more compassionate world tomorrow 

With Cyber Monday right around the corner there isn’t a better time to check out Amazon for some social emotional children’s books! What better gift to give a child than to offer a lesson on empathy or mindfulness through a fun and engaging children’s story?! I will recap both of my books I currently have available and provide links below to some free printable activities that accompany them. 🙂   
My first book, Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten uses the story of a nervous kitten’s first day of school to teach children about feelings and help increase emotional literacy and empathy. Buttons learns in the story that everyone has feelings and how he treats others will affect their feelings too. This story is great for any child to increase feelings recognition and empathy related skills. It also is great for little ones who are first starting school or having separation anxiety. Buttons and his grandmother create a goodbye routine that helps him separate from her and know his feelings are noticed and validated. You can find the book below on Amazon but it is also available on the Barnes and Noble website.

Below is the link to a printable activity coloring sheet that helps children learn about different types of feelings. This is also great to hang up and allow children to tell you how they feel each day!

Below is another activity that also accompanies the book. Simply color, cut, and tape to make a rolling cube that gets children to talk about or act out different feelings. This can even become a game for the whole family!

The second book I have available is called Ursula Unwinds Her Anger. This is a story of a water dragon who learns about feelings, mindful breathing to calm herself, and assertiveness skills. This story helps children learn mindfulness skills such as noticing feelings, breathing, and slowing down to notice and enjoy life to the fullest. Below is the link to Amazon and it is also available through Barnes and Noble.

Below is the link for a printable Ursula activity that teaches children the mindfulness skills of noticing feelings such as anger and letting them go.

Let’s promote social emotional learning this holiday season and work towards a more compassionate and empathic world for all. 😉

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