Around the world in a plane of peace

Yet again I find myself saying that children always come up with the best interventions. It’s so beautiful when therapy can be a safe place for children to access what they need in the ways they need to do it.

I think this intervention can be helpful to many children too! Honestly, who doesn’t like to make paper airplanes? 😉
1) Talk about planes that have banners and what their purpose is (to get people’s attention, inform them of something, sell them something, etc)
2) Ask the child, if you could design your own plane that would fly around the world, what would you want it to look like? What would the banner say? If this was a peaceful plane spreading calmness with a mission to make the world a better place, what would it look like and what would the banner say? What colors, designs, pictures, words would be important for the world to see?
3) Have the child design the plane on paper then fold and make an actual plane! Use string to attach the banner to the back of the plane (use a tissue or tissue paper for the banner so it is lighter and the plane will still fly).
4) Get ready for take off.

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