Cool off (coping skill) snowflake 

It is getting colder and depending on where you live, that may mean snow too. Regardless of climate and cultural background though, I have found, most children understand the concept of a snowflake and how to make one by folding and cutting shapes in paper. This provides a simple and fun way to make a coping skill reminder for kids (and grown ups) of any age! 
1) Allow child to choose from assortment of paper colors and types, fold and cut out snowflake. Talk about how all snowflakes are different and everyone’s way of calming down can be different and unique too. 

2) Allow child to write or draw calming strategies on the snowflake. 

3) Decorate with glitter, sequins, smelly markers, felt, stickers etc! 

We all need reminders sometimes and reminders of safe ways to calm and relax are important for everyone! Cool off with a coping skill snowflake today. 😉 


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