Positive affirmation bottle 

The reality is that most kids and teens love glitter bottles. I have recently looked for some new spins on this intervention and started making some with craft “pom poms.” I have observed some children with sensory issues find this more calming perhaps due to the slower movement of the pom poms than the glitter. I also started making these with older children as “positive affirmation” bottles or even “positive things about today” bottles. 
1) Make the bottle with the child or teen (adults like them too!). Allow the child to choose pom poms to include. I use a variety of the soft regular poms and the glitter or tinsel poms. It’s good to have the variety because some are more prone to sinking while others float. 
2) Encourage the child to say one positive thing about himself or herself for each pom Pom added to the bottle. 
3) Add water, a small drop of food coloring, a pinch of glitter (if preferred) and super glue the lid on. 
4) Each night the child can say positive affirmations, things grateful for, etc for each pom pom. 
These are helpful for depressive symptoms and as a self esteem booster. You can even designate different colors for different things, such as green could represent positive things about today, pink-positive things about self, yellow-ways the child made the world a better place today, etc. 

Oh and it’s also great to make one for yourself. 😉 

Gotta practice that self care! ❤️


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