Self esteem pizza 

Self esteem pizza 

For this activity I start out by asking first if the children like pizza and then what toppings they get on their pizza. Make sure to clarify you are making a pretend pizza so the child is disappointed in the end! 

1) Allow the child to paint the pizza first. I usually do this on a paper plate.  

2) Cut out toppings using construction paper. Have the child write a strength, proud moment, or talent on each topping. 

3) Stick the toppings on the pizza (they should stick to the wet paint) 
Depending on the age of the child, explain the difference between strengths and talents. For example, a talent would be “good at drawing” while the underlying strength is “creativity.” Strengths are so important for children to identify because they are internal and can be applied to various circumstances and situations. Examples of character strengths can include leadership, love of learning, kindness, fairness, honesty, humor, creativity, and generosity. Talents can come and go but strengths are always present. For example, a child who suffers a hand injury may not be able to draw but is still creative. Often children (and adults) make the mistake of resting their identities in their talents (which can be fleeting, temporary, and often deal with competition or comparison to others). Activities that focus on self esteem and self worth need to include various aspects of the child to give a more accurate representation and self image of self identity. If children have trouble thinking of strengths, I may read them examples of strengths and ask them to say which ones sound the most like them. I may give my observations of strengths that remind me of them too. 🙂 

Oh and kids really like when you pretend to put the pizza in the oven for it to cook (dry). 😉 


  1. Thank you! I’m going to try this with my 7yr old. He’s particularly sensitive to those around him, emotionally and also struggles to express himself or to be proud of himself.

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