Making safe place details come to life

The sand tray is a great space to allow people of any age to create a safe place. This can allow real and imaginary elements to become tangible and the person can create a world that isn’t tainted with negative memories or adverse experiences. Once the safe place is created, one can imagine this anywhere; a respite in the storms of everyday stressors and an oasis from intrusive negative memories.

Another thing I have found helpful is to create things identified by the child or teen that I don’t already have in my sand tray collection. Animals and creatures can be made with clay or pipe cleaners, tiny televisions with their favorite station or movie, fireplaces to give warmth. Creating these extra elements provides an opportunity for practicing autonomy with support from the therapist. It validates the importance of even the smallest details of someone’s imagination. Your ideas are worth the time it takes to bring them to life. I’ll walk along side you in the process.

Tiny TV on a painted box
I printed the fire place photo and then attached to a small wooden box with laminating paper.

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