Setting up a telehealth play therapy space in your house

Incorporate routine! Consider a feelings check in board or goodbye ritual.

1) You only need a corner! Don’t worry what the rest of your house looks like. Focus on setting up a playful space that can be seen within the screen.

2) Consider including stuffed animals, books, a dry erase board, and emotion visuals. You can include additional items too! I don’t have access to many things that were in my office so I’m working with what I have. 🙂 Puppets are also very helpful with televideo!

3) Incorporate routine from your face to face sessions. A feelings check in board, a goodbye routine, think of structure you already provided to sessions and bring it in to the tele world! Routine and structure go a long way for kiddos (and all of us) especially in a time of so much chaos and confusion.

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