Telehealth: Feelings Hide and Seek

Telehealth set up in the corner of my dining room at my house!

Here is an intervention adapted for telehealth: feelings hide and seek!

Feelings hide and seek through televideo!

1) Draw and cut out different feelings while having the child on the other end of the screen do the same. Even if the child only has paper and a pencil, that is fine! They can rip them out if they don’t have access to scissors.

2) I try to include basic emotions: sad, happy, angry, and afraid. Feel free to add as many as you want! Ask the child which additional feelings you should add. If the child doesn’t have access to different colors, try allowing him or her to choose the colors you use for each feeling. “What color do you think sad should be?”

3) take turns hiding them within visual range of the camera while the other person closes eyes or turn the screen away momentarily. Then the finder points and says guesses of where the emotions could be hidden.

4) When feelings are found, the hider and or seeker can share a time they felt that way, something that helps with them that feeling, or a safe way to express and let that feeling out.

5) Normalizing emotions and validating the importance of sharing them is always important, but in times like these, we need validation and attunement more than ever! We need each other!

6) Happy connecting!


  1. Thank you for posting this idea! It is brilliant and simple. Navigating telehealth and coming up with play based ideas with my young clients has been a challenge.

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