Wildflower balancing: a quick way to engage children in body mindfulness

Balancing Flower: a child friendly mindfulness activity

When we pay attention to our bodies and how our muscles are working, we can get better at focusing and being more careful with our bodies around other people.  

Here’s a fun activity to practice these skills! 

  • Imagine you are wildflower balancing in a field. You can be any color flower you want to be.
  • Find a comfortable and quiet place to stand (if you need to sit, pretend to be a flower and lift your arms, or move in another way that is comfortable for you).
  • Imagine you are reaching very tall to feel the warm sun. Carefully lift up one leg and put your foot on the inside of your other leg, or you can hold your foot with one hand. If you are sitting, lift your head or arms up to the sky, feel the stretch in your neck back and arms.
  • Now reach at least one of your arms up towards the sky, this is your leaf trying to get some more sunshine.
  • Notice what is happening in your body when you focus on balancing. Can you notice which muscles you are using? Pay attention to anything that is happening in your legs and arms as you practice balancing. You can even switch feet!
  • Keep balancing and noticing. Remember, the more we practice focusing on and noticing the body, the more connected we can feel to our bodies. What do you notice about your body after this activity?

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