Everyone who loves me bottle: a reminder of positive supports

This intervention helps us focus on the positive, supportive relationships in life. It reminds us we are not alone.

This is great for children, teens and adults!

Step one: fill empty plastic bottle with craft puff balls. I prefer to use ones of different sizes and colors. While adding these, have the individual identify who each of these represent (parents, teachers, coworkers, friends, neighbors, family, role models, etc).

Step two:

Add a pinch of glitter and one drop of food coloring (if desired). Add water and super glue lid if needed.

Step three: talk more about the supports. How does seeing the bottle as a reminder of all of the supports and positive relationships make the person feel? Please note: for those who cannot identify many positive supports, the individual puffs could represent role models and positive figures the person identifies with, even if they haven’t met them.

This is also a helpful intervention for children who transition back and forth between parents (after separation or divorce) or between foster families, birth parents, etc. This can remind the child of all the people who love and support them even while they are in the middle of some tough transitions.


  1. My kids have alot of stress going to there dads house. I hope this will help. Any other ideas I would appreciate it.

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