Social skills with a roll of the dice…

The vast ever changing landscape of social expectations and related social skills is complex enough for adults let alone kids and teens. What may be an appropriate interaction with an old friend could be completely inappropriate interaction when applied with a teacher or work colleague. 
Assertiveness, greetings, questions, opinion sharing, apologizes and compliments can change based on the circumstance and the other person involved. 

I recently created this dice game to practice talking about, and acting out social interactions. 
The wooden dice you can find at any craft store and I just used permanent marker to write different people on one block and types of social interactions on the other. On the people block I included parent, teacher, supervisor, friend, stranger, and coworker. On the interaction block I included ask a question, apologize, compliment, use assertive skill, greeting, and share an opinion or idea. You could of course include different people or interactions based on the need and situation. 
To use the blocks, simply take turns rolling them and giving examples either verbally or through role plays or puppets of how to approach each situation. This can lead to further discussion about the complexities and the ever changing landscape of social expectations. 
Comment below if you have more ideas on how to use them! I also suspect they would be helpful in group settings. 


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    The Art of Social Work is a blog that features many different coping skills and homemade activities specifically for kids! I highly recommend checking out Kristina’s website for activity ideas!

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