Songs of self esteem: making music about me! 

Who doesn’t enjoy music that is uplifting and positive? It can feel as if the song was written just for you, and who knows, maybe it was. 😉 
I always say the best interventions are those that children make up themselves, and the kuddos goes to the kiddos on this one yet again. 

Essentially this intervention is making a musical instrument, like a maraca. The child then gets to make up songs or dances using the instrument about himself or herself. Songs can be sung about positive affirmations, feelings, all about me, etc. I have even had children want me to sing positive songs TO them using the instrument! This can be an excellent family activity too: each member makes an instrument and then creates songs by working together. 
1) Find an empty container. Reduce. REUSE. Recycle. 🙂

2) Offer small items that make different sounds such as pebbles, marbles, dried corn, rice, beads, and googly eyes! 

3) Allow the child to preview the sound while making it to ensure it will make the noise they want it to make and add and subtract things accordingly. 
4) Make some music! Get ready to dance and sing together. Be sure to allow the child to sing about whatever they need to. Songs may not be positive and that is OKAY. This can focus on expression and processing just as importantly as self esteem. The children will know what they need from the activity and just follow their lead and validate the experience for them individually. One thing is for certain, us grown-ups do not have all the answers. Let go and let the magic happen. 

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