Positive affirmation box

Positive self talk and affirmations are important for children (and grown ups) of all ages! It can either tear us down and inhibit us from trying new things and reaching our full potential, or it can build us up and encourage us to take the necessary steps towards positive change and growth. One thing about self talk though is that those encouraging words may change based on the situation. “You got this,” “Today is a new day,” “Remember your happy place,” “Hang in there, only three more months until you graduate,” and the list goes on. 

Recently, I found these talking bubble stickers at the dollar store. The best part is they are “chalk board” stickers! 

You can use chalk on them and erase it right off with a chalk eraser or your fingertip. 

I started using them in mirrored boxes so children could write positive affirmations, encouraging self talk, and other helpful reminders and say them to themselves in their reflection. Saying positive messages to yourself while looking in the mirror can be a difficult but powerful intervention. Without self respect and self love we truly cannot love and respond empathetically to others. So get out there and be your biggest fan. What do you need to hear today? 

PS this has been a big hit with middle school girls and children enjoy decorating the box with stickers and permanent markers to make it their own as well. 🙂 


    • I had a big bag of plastic boxes with mirrors in them made by Crest white strips that were donated to a local teacher free store. I’m sure if you search for them on eBay they may come in bulk and be very cheap. 🙂

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