Feelings printable posters!

Emotional intelligence is a crucial building block to increased self awareness and for the development of skills such as empathy (ability to recognize and respond to others’ feelings). When children have the words to understand how they are feeling, they are better able to cope with their feelings and begin to learn how to separate feelings from behaviors. For example, it is okay to be angry but it is not okay for me to hurt self or others while feeling angry. I can calm down safely when angry or let it out by talking to someone, drawing, writing, etc. 
Teaching children about feelings can be simple, fun, and a part of everyday life! I typically introduce angry, afraid, sad, happy, silly, and safe as basic feelings to teach children of all ages. 

Below you will find the link for some free poster printables I drew that help children recognize the feelings I just mentioned. These can be printed on larger paper and hung up in a classroom or an office as posters too! Enjoy! 


This is an updated link. Please reach out to me if you still have difficulty printing. 🙂 


  1. Hi Kristen, I live these prints! And would love to us them in my office. I am having a hard time being able to view them and staples can’t either. Can you save them in a different form like a pdf?

  2. Hi. I’m still having trouble accessing the posters even with the updated link. Thank you for your help and sharing of resources!

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