Anger thermometer 

The anger thermometer is a fun way to review/ remind children of their coping skills and talk about the different intensities of emotions. 
I start this activity by talking about the intensity of anger. Asking questions like, “When you feel angry is it always the same level of anger?” “Does losing your pencil make you feel the same amount of anger as a friend tripping you on purpose at recess?” Even very young children can grasp this concept. 

Next I draw a thermometer and have the child number it. Some children like to count by tens so they can have 100 being the highest level of anger. 

I talk about each level with the child. “Tell me something that makes you a level 1 angry.” After the child tells me an example, I ask what helps them feel better in that situation. “Okay so your sister bothering you makes you a level one angry. What helps you feel better when she does that?” I do this for each level or skip and do every other. Children are usually able to identify that different coping and expression skills help them at different levels of anger. You can also act these out with puppets to make it more fun and engaging! 

After creating the thermometer with the skills at the different levels, I put it in a clear sheet protector and allow the child to have a dry erase marker to use to indicate levels of anger. This is great because it reminds them of the associated coping skills and after using the coping skill, children may erase some of the color in the thermometer, lowering the level of anger on the thermometer. 

 These are great to have in calm down areas or peace corners! 


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