Be the sky: A mindfulness art activity 

Be the sky.   
There is a mindfulness and meditation technique where one imagines he or she is the sky and all the feelings and passing thoughts are simply the clouds. Temporary and changing but able to be noticed and then let go of as the next feeling or thought comes and goes. 

I have found this helpful to teach children so they can realize that their feelings will not last forever (especially with children who identify themselves with their feelings “I’m just an angry kid,” or “I’m sad and depressed all the time”). Children can come to see themselves and their identities as more than their thoughts and feelings. We can also use this technique to learn to accept our thoughts and feelings without getting too caught up in them. Instead we can enjoy peacefully watching them pass by like clouds. 

1) give child a piece of paper. You can explain the paper will be the sky. Ask “if you were the sky what color would you want to be or what would you look like?” So children do not feel pressured to simply choose blue paper as their only option. 

2) talk about how the clouds and weather may change but the sky is always the sky underneath. Stormy, windy, snowy days may come but they do not last forever. Ask the child to create clouds to represent his or her feelings (could also do with thoughts). You can use white paint, glitter glue, puff balls, cotton balls, etc. 

3) identify and explore what each clouds means to the child. Talk about noticing thoughts and feelings and letting them pass by. 

4) children may also create wind to represent deep breathing to help blow away thoughts or feelings (after noticing them and accepting them) to help the sky (the child) feel more calm. 

And it looks like another perfect day to sit back and watch the clouds go by. 😉 


  1. Love this activity! I did this with my girls psychotherapy group for anxiety and depression today. It was a big hit. ❤

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