Social emotional learning Ugandan style! 

I recently returned from a trip to Uganda where I provided trainings to several NGO leaders and employees/volunteers as well as offered social emotional skill building groups to youth in several programs there.

It was such an inspirational experience! The leaders were so dedicated and wonderful to work with and the youth were eager to learn and participate as well. Some of the trainings I provided were teaching emotional literacy to youth and crisis intervention, teaching safe coping and expression skills, relationship building with youth, and a training on trauma informed care. The groups I ran with youth included creating feelings wheels and learning to identify feelings, learning deep breathing through making glitter calm down bottles, making strength trees to recognize supports and strengths and accomplishments, and creating peace planes to help identify what helps them feel internally peaceful. I also did a “what’s inside my heart” project where the youth identified people they love and significant supports in their lives and imagined carrying them with them in their hearts.
I was so grateful for the participation of the leaders and workers in the daily trainings to further support the youth in the new skills they were learning as well! I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and plan on returning next year!

(Cloudy vs clear mind glitter bottle and deep breathing explanation)
Glitter bottles! 
What’s inside your heart? 
Thank you for everyone who supported me on this volunteer trip!


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