Fun last session review game 

Fun last session or “end of school year activity”

I have found most children are not always that interested in trying to remember what they learned in therapy during last sessions or towards the end of the school year. Most kids want to do something fun, especially since they are reminded their time with you is limited.

I started playing a parking lot game using hot wheels and some parking lots I found online and printed and laminated. Take turns remembering something learned in therapy and then park a car in your lot. Go back and forth until the “speed round.” During this time I say “whoever can think of something first can just grab a car and park it before the other person remembers something.” This makes it more like a “race” and it’s amazing what the kids remember!

Examples: “I remember that you learned how to take three deep breaths to feel calmer. I remember I learned how to imagine my safe place. I remember you learned how to talk about your feelings to express them in a safe way instead of holding them inside.”

Tip: have “trouble” remembering things yourself during the speed round so the children can think of more things on their own. Also probably a good idea to let them win this one. 😉


  1. Love this idea! Do you happen to remember where you found the parking lot? I’m making my own on poster board but your printable looks cute.

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