Emotion expression guessing game! 


This is a great activity for family sessions. It helps children recognize different emotion expressions on others’ faces. All you need is a small dry erase board and some dry erase markers (could also be used with paper). 

1) one person makes a face associated with a certain feeling but has either their eyes or mouth blocked with the small dry erase board.
2) the second person draws in the missing expression (ie an angry mouth to match the angry eyes the person is showing or a sad mouth to match the sad eyes, etc.).
3) the second person says when they are finished drawing and the first person removes the dry erase board to reveal the expression while also telling the person which feeling it was, to see if they drew and guessed correctly.
It is very interesting to use this activity to promote discussion and play between family members. It’s hard not to have fun while doing this!
You may also notice that many children are more attuned to recognizing emotions in the eyes and not the mouth as much (there is more hypersensitivity to the eyes region- especially in children who have experienced trauma).
I think the eye contact piece of this of this game also makes it powerful.
Have fun guessing those feeling faces!


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