Coping skill toolbox game! 

Here is another game I started using in therapy to explore client’s current coping and expression skills and help them learn more skills to add their toolbox! This is basically a version of pick up sticks (I bought it at Hobby Lobby). I take turns with the child trying to pick up one “stick” without moving any other sticks. I call them “tools” instead of sticks to go with the coping skill toolbox theme. I did personally choose to take out the rifle sticks since they didn’t fit the tool theme. The person must pick up a tool without moving the other tools, then you share one coping skill or one safe expression tool you can use to feel calm. If you can’t think of one, you have to pick up a card (I made cards with ideas like deep breathing, imaging a safe place, talking to a safe person, etc.). 


The person with the most tools at the end wins! If you have little ones who cannot focus that long you can set a timer and see who has the most tools when the timer runs out. 🙂 


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