A DIY feelings game! 

Here is another easy DIY therapeutic game for children and families! Basically, it is a variation of the scribble game. One person scribbles randomly with their eyes closed for three seconds on a dry erase board. 

The second person has to make the scribble into a picture that associates with one or more feelings on the feelings chart. The feelings are circled on the chart and can be converted into points for those who really like competition 🙂 

The roles are reversed and the person who made the picture now does the scribbling and the other person makes it into a picture and possibly a story that associates with one or more feelings. Picture above: “my sister bought me icecream” feelings circled: loved, happy, and excited. The only catch is that the feelings that have already been used cannot be used again! The game ends when all the feelings have been used. For example, one person scribbles and the second person makes it into a ghost saying, “This would make someone afraid to think about, until the ghost asks the person to play basketball! Then they feel surprised and silly!” So the drawing and story were able to associate with three feelings. 🙂 

For the feelings chart, try drawing your own and then putting it in a clear sheet protector and use dry erase markers so that it can be used again and again!
See…scribbling can be fun! 😉


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