Put yourself in a safe space: engaging the imagination 

I have been using child meditation to help children imagine a safe place for a while now and often have the child paint or draw what he or she saw through imagination afterwards. Recently, I have been having the children draw themselves and then put themselves inside the safe space they painted. It just seems to have added a layer of significance for the children I work with. I also talk about imagination and how they have their imagination with them wherever they go. How imagination is not something they can forget at home or something someone can take from them. It’s theirs and theirs alone and they can use it to feel more relaxed and safe wherever they are. 

If the child doesn’t want to paint or draw the safe space, it could also be created with blocks or in the sand tray. I also let children decide if there should be any rules in their space (the answer is almost always yes) and what the rules would be to ensure it is a safe space for them. Great way to assess children and their needs as well!
This can also be done with families! Have the family work together to paint or build a safe space and come up with the rules. Talk about how to make home feel more like the place they created!

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