Create a superhero cape to help you face life challenges!

Superhero. What comes to mind? Bravery? Heroism? Super human strengths? Let’s just say we have a lot to work with when we use superheroes in activities and kids can relate to them. A recent intervention I have been using is having a child pick out an animal or person to represent themselves. Then we make a superhero cape for the animal (red material and fabric markers). The child writes down their own strengths or “superpowers” on the cape as a reminder for themselves along with positive affirmations, reminders of coping skills, etc. The animal then wears the cape and uses the reminders and strengths to overcome difficulties it may be facing (a lot of fun to act out too).
This is awesome for anxiety or to help children who are facing life changes and stressful life events. The child can even be encouraged to keep the superhero cape in his or her pocket as a reminder of his or her own strengths and encouragement to face challenges and make positive choices.

Here’s to all the superheroes out there!


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