Feelings game take home for the whole family

The feelings matching game is a great way to help children increase emotional literacy and learn to express their feelings verbally. The rules are the same as any matching game except that once you get a match you share a time you had the feeling and then get to take another turn.
I made my own set and had them laminated because I use them often.

Just recently I started making sets with clients as take home games for them to play with their family at home. I have found this a great way to help engage families and bridge the unfortunate but common gap between individual therapy sessions and the child’s home and family life. I have found often there are many barriers to getting families to engage in therapy with their children but simple fun take home games and activities can help the feelings conversation go beyond the therapy office.
After the child decorates the feelings, I laminate them or use masking tape as a quick alternative. This helps the games last longer and continue to impact children and families well into the future.
Let’s make therapy “homework” not seem like homework at all! 😉


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