Treasure hunt for happiness in the sand tray or office!


It’s cold enough outside for most of us to wish we were someplace warm. Maybe that’s why I’ve found myself using the treasure map to happiness intervention with a lot of children these last few weeks. 😉 I have recently made it a little more fun though.
1) Make the treasure map to child’s happy or calm feeling with coping skills and expressions skills along the way to the treasure (take deep breaths, talk to mom, etc). Have the starting place on the map be a feeling the child frequently has (angry, afraid, sad, etc.).
2) Draw out the map! Use those fun treasure map dashed lines to show the path!
3) Act it out and go on the hunt! Hide the happy or calm feeling in a treasure chest in the sand tray or in the office and use the map to follow along! Follow the map and practice/act out the skills along the way. Children also love to do this in the sand tray and act out following the map with a miniature representing themselves.

Happy treasure hunting friends!



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