Ursula Unwinds Her Anger


I have recently become excited about using age-appropriate ways to teach young children
mindfulness which is what led me to write Ursula Unwinds Her Anger.

Through this picture book, children get to join Ursula on her journey into learning about feelings, relaxation, forgiveness, self acceptance, and the wonders and joy of simply being present. Ursula the underwater dragon even changes colors when her feelings change!

I see mindfulness as a way to have some inner peace and inner safety despite outer life
circumstances. Mindfulness, put simply, is awareness in the present moment (noticing thoughts,
feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment in the moment instead of getting
caught up in the thoughts and worries of past and future). Although many people are familiar
with this being very helpful for adults, mindfulness is also an excellent skill for children to learn
too! Awareness is the foundation to all life experiences and skills. When children increase their
awareness in the present moment, they can increase attentive skills, better regulate their
feelings, make safe choices, and notice and attend to others’ feelings. When children notice
others’ feelings, beautiful things like empathy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and
appropriate assertiveness skills can begin to grow. Just think of a world where people of all
ages are aware of their own inner peace and thus act in peaceful ways. That is a world I would
want to live in and a world I would want to give to future generations.

I hope you’ll find Ursula Unwinds Her Anger as a helpful tool to introduce children to some of these skills.

Wishing you all happy, peaceful, and present living. 🙂

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