Sound meditation and children

You may be familiar with the ring of a chime used to signal the beginning and end of a meditation session. What many people don’t realize is the significance of the sound in bringing your awareness to a sense presence in the current moment. By truly focusing on the sound, the mind begins to clear and automatic thoughts lessen.

This simple concept can be used with children too. I have used this technique with children as young as three. I take turns with the child hitting the chime to make the sound. The other person then pays close attention to the sound and moves an object along a stoplight visual. Green light= sound is loud, yellow light= sound is quieter, red light= sound completely stopped. It is amazing watching how calm and focused children become as they bring their whole awareness to the sound (especially to determine when it actually “ends”). This is great for building attentive skills and calming children who may be experiencing anger or anxiety. I have explained it to young children by saying they are making their “brain power” or “brain muscles” of focusing stronger by practicing. It’s a great way to help ground and calm young children at the beginning or end of a session too!

**chime sound to end blog** 🙂



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