Using story stones in counseling sessions

Story stones

I know I have posted about story stones in the past, but I wanted to post more specifically about how to use them as a tool in counseling children. They are one of my favorite tools to use in therapy and here are just a few ideas…
Trauma Processing: Allow child to tell their story while using the stones to provide the images. This helps them create a LINEAR story and helps them identify facts and feelings along the way by using the pictured stones to represent facts and the stones with feelings on them to represent feelings (which helps them use their WHOLE BRAIN to process the event) Even just using the pictured stones and using words uses the right and left side of the brain to fully process the event! Processing traumatic events by using the whole brain has proven to be crucial in healing and growing from traumatic experiences.
Triggers: Draw feeling pictures or feeling words on separate sheets of paper and spread them out. Allow the child to sort the stones into the different categories of how the images make him or her feel. This can help identify triggers and may reveal things you never knew about your client that are clinically significant.
Process any life event: use the stones to spend more time talking about simple life events and choices (when child hit brother for taking her toy). Allow the child to identify facts and feelings and then use the stones to make a different choice. This allows the child to realize how they have a choice in situations and can use skills learned in therapy in everyday life to change the outcome of their daily life stories!
Make up a story: This is a fun way to use them too! Using imagination is a great form of relaxation for everyone!
TIPS: 1) don’t tell the client what the picture is. If they ask you, reflect the question back to them, “Hmm what could that picture be..” Usually the child will come up with something, even if it is not the picture and THAT IS OKAY! Let them make it what it needs to be for them, follow their lead! ☺


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