Mindfulness cue cards


I have been taking children on mindfulness walks this summer and they really enjoy them! I noticed that preschool and early school aged children seem to especially enjoy using visual cues to think about their different senses and notice them on the walk.

I made these cards just for that purpose! click here for printable Children carry the cards or booklet with them to stop and notice different senses. Remember, even if you cannot go on a “walk,” you can still use the cue cards to help children notice different senses they experience inside.

Another important note is that “feeling/touch” can include things like feeling the warm sun on your skin, feeling a breeze, noticing the cooler air inside, and even feeling the clothes you are wearing as they touch your skin!

If you are with a group of children you can even have them report back to the group what they noticed or bring something back from the walk (when able to), such as a smooth stone, fragrant flower, etc.

Enjoy being present! 🙂



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