Flowers of feelings to notice


Taking children on a walk outside is wonderful way to practice mindfulness (noticing all of their senses in the experience) and can be made an emotional learning experience too! Outside at this time of year, (depending on where you live of course) it is pretty easy to see and notice flowers. In my sessions with children, I will sometimes take them for walks in our butterfly garden and have them notice the flowers. I then invite them to imagine what it would be like to have a garden of feelings (this can be done in a guided meditation too). Noticing each of their feelings as a special flower in their garden. Noticing the color of each flower and how it is growing (drooping flower may represent sad, etc.).

Then discuss how all feelings come and go and we have many feelings in one day, like many flowers in a garden. Also point out how all feelings are OKAY to have and all feelings are important to NOTICE. Have the child creat more of the flowers (or bigger flowers) to show how often or intense the feelings are occurring in their lives.

Afterwards talk about how feelings should be cared for (expressed and coped with in safe ways). Create a watering can (or sun) decorated with the child’s safe coping and expression skills.

Take it a creative step further! Have the child draw, paint, plant, create their feelings garden in any way they wish.

Happy gardening!


    • Thank you! Yes! I agree, and when we can notice and accept all feelings and teach children to do the same, it seems we actually are more joyful by being compassionate and accepting of ourselves. 🙂

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