Safe place color bubble

Let’s face it, being a child is not always easy. Children around the world face real changes, stressful life events, and experience trauma every day. Children are resilient there’s no doubt about that. They often still need skills to help them cope with troubles in their lives, however. The more skills a child has in his or her tool chest, the stronger they will be to face life’s challenges and grow from them.

Something I have found significant in my own therapeutic work with children (especially children who have experienced trauma) is to talk about feeling safe. I ask children what makes them feel safe (people, memories, animals, things they like) to help them realize the pool of ideas they can draw from to help them feel internally safe.

SAFE PLACE COLOR MEDITATION click here for printable
A common mediation used with children is a color mediation. Simply ask the child to close his or her eyes first and imagine they are sitting in a bubble, or for young children they may want to keep eyes open and spin around with arms out to help them visualize the space of a circle or bubble around them. Have the child think of a color that helps him or her feel safe and imagine this color filling the air in the bubble around them. Spend a few moments encouraging the child to imagine this color around them. Then encourage the child to take some deep slow breaths and imagine breathing the color into his or her body. Explain how this can help him or her feel safe on the inside too. Afterwards, have child color the safe color and draw him or herself in the safe bubble on this activity page. Explain how even when big life changes happen, the child can always use his or her imagination to feel safe on the inside. Imagination is something that never leaves us and we take everywhere we go! What a wonderful gift to offer to children!

PS Don’t feel left out. Imaginations are for grown ups too. šŸ™‚

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