Furry Feelings cube game

Here is another free printable activity to accompany the book Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten! Click HERE for a full print out!

This sheet can be printed, colored, cut out, folded along the lines, and taped on the corners. It creates a feelings cube that can be used as an interactive game for multiple children or the whole family! You can either roll the cube and act out the feelings or roll the cube and share a time you have felt that way… yes grown ups have to share their feelings too. In fact, it is crucial for children to understand that everyone experiences feelings even the adults in their lives. Try sharing using “I statements” and encourage children to do the same. For example, “I felt angry when I lost my car keys, I feel happy when I get to go to the park with you, I feel safe when I have my night light on,” etc.

When your child understands this concept, share a time you experience the feeling AND an appropriate way to express the feeling. For example, “I feel angry when I can’t go outside because it’s raining. I like to color to get my anger out and calm down.” This helps children learn ways to express feelings that are safe and age appropriate. Again, it so important to emphasize that all feelings are okay to have and everyone experiences different feelings. It is important to express them and cope with them in healthy ways!



  1. […] The Feelings Cube: Print out the page, sit down together and colour it in, cut it out, stick it together and roll away. The aim is to roll the cube and when it lands on a feeling you each take turns describing a time you felt that way. By everyone joining it, it shows them that everyone experiences these emotions and that they are ok. […]

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